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"Random musings"

Cuba cabana....

The picture to the right(in my profile you dodo) has not been shot by me, although I wish it was. I mean it is exactly the kind of picture I'd shoot if I had one of those super cool SLR thingies(digital or otherwise). SLR, by the way, stands for 'Single Light Reflex' as a friend painstakingly explained to me during an equally painful dermatology clinic many moons ago. Till then all that the acronym meant to me was 'Self Loading Rifle'. Yes me be little gun obsessed, and if you throw any Freudian explanations starting with the letter 'P' at me then I'll curse you to slipping and falling on an SLR(not the camera) setting off the damn thing, with resulting fireworks in the Netherlands giving you a deeper understanding of what Freud meant by his stage of anal fixation.

Voice in head: You stupid stupid oaf... two people read your blog. In the last paragraph you call one a dodo and go on to threaten the other with 'Carnal intercourse with a gun (against the order of nature Section 377z Sub clause MCMXV, IPC)'. Great going Einstein, I see the popularity ratings soaring already!

Tsck, tsck.... we digress too much(digressing some more... I wonder who first spelt 'Tsck tsck' as 'tsck tsck'). So yes....multiple personality Freud Guns SLR Cameras the picture!

It is also the kind of picture I'd have shot if I knew the first thing about photography, or the last or even any of the things in between. It is also the kind of picture I'd have shot if I could get to the seafront early in the morning or in the evening. I'm never up that early and all I picked up at Spanish classes was the concept of a long rejuvenating 'siesta'. And after exactly 294 words of rambling disconnected prose(?), 'what is the point?' you may ask.

Well me dearies, the problem is this:
This picture reminds me of the time I woke up one morning after having slept the night away in my jalopy parked on Marine Drive, the warm rays of the sun caressing my face etc. etc. But then my intensely complicated Freudian mind also tells me that the picture is not quite Mumbai. Something about the angle of the sun over the buildings. If its Mumbai, then its post the great earthquake that will rip Mumbai away from Maharashtra and turn it around (literally and metaphorically) leading to the formation of a nation state second to none. Sigh… but since substance induced hallucinations are only substance induced hallucinations, where is this place?

Random little voice (yes, again in my head) whispers 'Cuba! Havana!'. I have no clue why, considering the fact that the quasi American culture that we feed on supplies us with very few images of papa Fidel's capital. And the only thing I know for sure about Cuba is that those cigars are made in factories full of rows and rows of hot women rolling them between their thighs. (sigh again… deeper this time)

Someone please tell me where o where this is?

In case anyone is sure that its amchi Mumbai... dont tell me, I like the sound of Havana.

Listening to: Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

Gyan for today –
SLR can also stand for
Satellite Laser Ranging
Scalable Linear Recording
Sinfully Lovely Rump
Tsck also stands for – The Scientific Centre Kuwait

There are stories that McCartney actually spoke of hallucinogenic yellow pills (dolls) when he wrote that song and it is not just a children's song.

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, reads: "Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine".
This is also reproduced verbatim in the Singapore Penal Code. It is said to have been originally written in by Lord Thomas Maculay. There is a delightful little note on the Wikipedia page about section 377 that reads ' It may be of interest to note that Lord Macaulay remained single throughout his lifetime, an unusual situation for a man of his status in the Victorian era'

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