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"Random musings"

Everyday NEWS

Its important to stay informed. Which is why a gazillion trees are hacked every single day to produce a gallion squared number of newspapers and magazines and tabloids and what not. But since this is the post modern knowledge age(or are we at post-knowledge now?), bytes of information are being hurled at you faster than Mount Vesuvius ever spewed fire and ash.
Most of this information is of such exemplary quality that one can only sit back and thank the heavens above that no trees are being cut to get this information to you.
I remember a comic who used have a really good 'NEWS' act, a take on news anchors and news stories. The anchors would be exaggeratedly stupid and the stories would be really silly. But it takes only a visit to a news site(CNN IBN in my case, could have been any site) to realise that he probably didn't need to exaggerate or make things seem funnier than they are.

Here are some of the top stories for today....

Dinbudhi in Jharkhand is getting roads, electricity and drinking water. Nothing funny about that. The government, after 58 years of slumber, appears to have suddenly woken up to the idea that this village exists. Nothing funny about that either since miracles do happen from time to time. Now here's the funny bit...

One of the most eligible bachelors of Jharkhand, the state home minister, Sudesh Mahto is all set to tie the knot and his hometown Silli is getting ready for the mega event on June 18.

Dinbudhi, the village from where his wife-to-be comes is undergoing a complete makeover - roads, electricity, and drinking water all are in place now, for the first time in 58 years.


However, the opposition parties in the state are watching closely. While some want the Income Tax department to keep an eye on the lavish function, others want the minister to adopt more villages like Dinbudih, so that they get better facilities.

Says state Congress president Pradeep Kumar Balmuchu, "We request the minister to get married in more places. Then there will be development in more villages."

People from surrounding villages are cursing their luck for not being home to the bride-to-be as they have lost out on the development.

The minister insists that he wont comment on the infrastructure development as it is his private affair and he doesn't need to explain anything to people. Read more here
More gems from today's news

  1. Gangster claims he sent hitmen to kill Mahesh Bhatt as he believes killing Bhatt would be a great service rendered to the nation. I mean, service rendered to the TV viewing audience that is tired of MB's righteous indignation and opinions on everything from amoebae to Andhra Pradesh? yes! But service to the Nation?
  2. Madhya Pradesh bans Nursery rhymes, they are not Hindu enough it seems.
  3. Ajmer dargha wants to ban women as men get distracted from prayers. Why just prayers? Lets ban women everywhere, they shouldn't step out of the harems, *sigh* if wishes were horses...

This banning bit is something that I so don't get. I don't see why our 'mature', 'secular democracy' has to ban so many things....

Update: Found a gem of a post from last years rains about my favoritest newspaper in the whole wide world. Read this and you'll know why they are the beshtesht source of entertainment in my otherwise sad and deary life...

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    Sunday, June 18, 2006 1:54:00 PM  

    R country is obsessed wid banning..ban fanaa coz the lead actor has some brain..ban 'fire' coz it dares to show the truth..ban any1 n anything 'non hindu' like that south indian actress who sed safe sex b4 marriage is fine..and we call it the biggest democracy. ironical.
    PS: the toi link is hilarious ;) top