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"Random musings"

My soujourn in "The Dally"

Day I in "The Dally" 29th May 2006
HOT and Dusty!

One thing about "Dally" - everyone talks funny
I mean funny in an endearing sort of way(that's the only way I ever mean funny, to all those who still pissed with me for laughing when I shouldn't have). This north Indian lilt that harayanavis and punjus have once they are as cosmopolitanised(is that even a word?) as they ever can be, is very appealing to the ear(mine). I love hearing ppl go 'haw' or say 'hainji?'.
Sorry, I am no expert in sociolinguistics, so my limited vocabulary perempts any scope for a description better than the simple, sad 'lilt'.

PS: DO NOT WATCH FANAA... its a regular silly melodrama(next time i use this word - kill me)

Day II in "The Dally" 30th May 2006
Still HOT, still dusty... slight cloud cover in the evening...

Finally saw the 'foliage' I had been told about so much, yes parts of delhi are green, and parts are beautiful, the buildings rock...

Had momos and fruit beer at dillii haat... its an open air arty farty joint where hep dilli crowd and firang tourists drip sweat into their gol gappas in summer.(dunno what people do in winter coz i like an idiot had to land up here in summer of all times :((

Also found a bar that gives you three free drinks on any two you order!!

.... more later

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