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"Random musings"

Raste ka maal....

Had a very random scholarship interview yesterday… was kinda dazed at the end of it all. Trudged down the stairs from the office, got out onto the street and was absentmindedly puffing away on my lil cancer stick, pondering life (as people tend to do when they are slowly killing themselves). This was near Flora Fountain in the afternoon, traffic and life in general seemed to be passing by in a blur. The crazy midday sun did nothing to help matters.

Decided to skip in under the arcades where at least the sun wouldn’t beat down… out of the blue something caught my eye. Did a double take and shook my head a bit… the heat had gotten to me, and fried my brains crisp. Once I realised what I was looking at I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I slowly walked to the street vendor whose merchandise on display had provoked my heat struck reactions. I asked him what the white plastic contraptions were. There were rows and rows of them. White, gleaming, plastic…. Phallic. He gave me a nonchalant look and mumbled “ladiz log ke liye.. private”… I went.. “kya?” He yelled “Abbe dildo hai DILDO - made in china"
I laughed some more and went home. In the land of Praveen Togadia and Sushma Swaraj and in the city of Pramod Navalkar… you could buy dildos on the street!

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